What is Phishing/Scamming & how to avoid it Pubg Mobile

What is Phishing/Scamming & how to avoid it ?
You may have come across websites which claim to offer certain items or UC for free or at a very low price. We would like you to know a little more about how these websites and services work and how it can impact your game account and personal information.

We are here to inform you that any website claiming to offer any such services is fake and should be reported immediately. These webistes are designed to play on your desire to obtain items or in-game currency for free or at a lower cost.

We have not authorized any such websites to offer these services. Moreover, these websites can even steal your personal information and sell it to make some quick cash. These webistes and services often use Keyloggers, Viruses etc. which automatically copy everything you type or enter on these websites.

Please be aware of any such websites and do not provide any of your personal information like your in-game nickname, Social Media account username & password as this may not only lead to your game account being hacked, but you may also lose your Social Media account and other perosnal information.

If you have come across any such websites or websites claiming to be authorized by us, please reach out to us at the earlist so we can take appropriate action. If you have visited such websites in the past, please contact your email provider and Social Media support as your account may be at risk.

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